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Class Descriptions

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HIIT Power

Trainer: Miguel

Thursday | 6am


A moderate to fast paced circuit style class combining strength, endurance and cardio elements.

Boogie Bounce

Trainer: Tammy, Lauren, Bonnie

Times to be confirmed


 An trampoline based exercise programme includes choreographed dance-inspired that is inclusive, low impact and above all, FUN! 

Adults and Kidz programmes available.

Incurs an extra fee.

Body Blast

Trainer: Lauren, Tammy

Saturday | 7:45am

A strength and conditioning workout that is made up of functional movements that are performed to a medium to high intensity.


Trainer: Bonnie

Monday | 5:10pm

Wednesday  |  9:10am


Unleash yourself in this fiercely energetic 30 - 45 minute class inspired by mixed martial arts.

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gts circuit.jpeg

Gravity Pilates

Trainer: Lauren, Tammy,


Monday  |  6:00am | 4:30pm

Tuesday  |  6:45am | 10:00am

Wednesday | 5:00pm 

Thursday  | 6:45am | 10:00am

30 or 45 minute session, maximum of 6 people per private session. Giving your core a whole lot more with our Pilates machines.

Kettlebell Circuit

To be announced


A small group session with a qualified personal trainer who will focus on helping you perfect your technique with the use of Kettlebells.

*Limited to 8 participants per session.

GTS Circuit

Trainer: Lauren, Tammy

Monday 5:30pm

Tuesday  |  6:00am & 9:15am

Saturday  |  9:30am

45 minute circuit, involving our ever so popular GTS machines as well as exercises that will target all other areas.

Gym Circuit

Trainer: Nick, Connor

Monday  |  6:00am

Wednesday  |  6:00pm

Friday  |  9:15am

45 minute circuit class held in the gym, utilising a range of our gym equipment throughout most exercises.

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Trainer: Rob/Bonnie

Trainer: Jake



Trainer: Joyanne

Friday | 6:00am

A classic up-tempo aerobic workout to get your heart pumping and stay fit. Have fun while improving balance and co-ordination.

Seniors Circuit

Trainer: Tammy, Connor

Monday | 6:00pm

Thursday | 6:00pm

A 45 minute session for 50 years +  who want to feel energised, improve balance, flexibility, coordination & strength


Trainer: Dave / Adrian / Boma

Tuesday  |  5:45pm

Thursday  |  5:45pm

Friday  |  6:00am

A fun 45 minute, heart pumping, cycling class aimed at improving cardio and endurance.

Sunday Sesh

Trainer: Rotation

Sunday | 9:15am

Sunday Sesh will be on a rotation basis. Each week you will have the opportunity to attend any thing from yogalates, boxing, bodymix, gym circuit, stretcha and foam roll etc. Its a little bit of a suprise.


Trainer: Rob

Tues. | 6:00pm

A 30 minute high paced combinaiton of bodyweight and resistance training. Push yourself to test your limits with metabolic training and plyometrics.


Trainer: Bonnie, Lauren

Monday | 5:50pm

Wednesday | 10:00am

Thursday | 9:15am

45 minute class designed to strengthen your core and improve balance through a range of low impact flexibility movements.


To be announced

Use suspension training to improve strength, body awareness and core stability.


Trainer: Joyanne, Tammy, Lauren,


Monday | 9:10am

Wednesday | 5:45pm

Saturday | 8:30am

Ideal for anyone looking to get toned & fit using light to moderate weights in 45 minutes.

Yoga Class
Gym Class


Trainer: Tammy

Wednesday  |  6:00am

A 40 minute yoga, pilates & balance inspired stretching class.

Bums & Tums

Trainer: Joyanne

Wednesday  |  5:15pm

A 45 minute medium to high impact class that focuses on those stubborn areas, our bums & tums.

THUMP Boxing

Trainer: Nick

Tuesday  |  6:00am

Let out your sweat and stress with this workout with punch. No mouth guard required.

Gravity Strength

Trainer:  Lauren, Bonnie

Wednesday | 5:45pm

Thursday | 6:00am

Friday | 10:00am

A 45 mins class using our GTS machines as well as other strength training equipment, focusing on strength and conditioning. Limited to 12 participants per class. 

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